Thursday, July 20, 2017

News and Events 7-21-17

Dear Friends,

So how was everyone's week? It was pretty crazy around here Sunday evening tons of cars were going down my street and I learned that it was from shore traffic! Apparently there were a couple of accidents and now people use their phones to get other routes home. It took them past my house and down around the loop by the beach, this is not going to be good we already are anticipating lots more traffic when our new splash pad opens! And I am sure it didn't help them get home any faster either. How about you? Is there a lot of traffic where you live?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Ongoing Summer Events:
5/19 to 9/29 Asbury Park Beach Bonfires
5/26 to 9/2 Belmar Concerts

Upcoming Events
10/5-8 NY Comic Con
Sat 10/14 Union Beach Day
Sun 10/29 All Hallows Eve

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Mother Kathy needs 2 drivers for trip from St Marks in Keansuburg 8/2 :>>As you might know, we are having a trip to Hershey Park on 8/2. We will leave at 8:30 a.m. promptly and return about 8:00 in the evening.
Might you know of two people who are able and willing to drive a twelve passenger van. Unfortunately, two of my drivers pulled out for medical reasons.. The drivers are, of course, gratis as well.<< let me know if interested and I will put you in touch with her