Thursday, December 29, 2016

News and Events 12/30/16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So 2016 was a rough year for most of us but I truly believe that 2017 is going to be much better! I know I have a lot of plans to make my life better. First order of business I signed up for a local Zumba class that I am really excited about. I am also phasing out my meetup groups, its just gotten to the point that I put way more work in there than I get back and well I am just not going to do that anymore. I also have vowed to use my juicer more, I know I need to stick to this one.... This is just for starters. What about YOU? What changes are you making in the New Year?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Just a reminder I am getting rid of my meetup groups Feb stay in the loop for events be sure to subscribe to this newsletter and or my Facebook group events. I will still host events but only there where it will be free, you must be a member AND my friend on FB to get the invites. Or subscribe to the events. 

PS: Check out the end of this newsletter for 30 Hot Spots to Spend NYE and NJ Beaches You Can Drive on in the Winter

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Upcoming Events:

Sat 12/31 First Night Ocean County
Sat 12/31 Children's New Years Party
Sat 12/31 Simple Groove Rocks New Years
Sat 12/31 New Years Eve at The Old Bay
Sat 12/31 NYE Comedy Shows in AC
Sat 12/31 Shake Rattle & Roll in The New Year in NYC for $99!
Sun 1/1 New Year's Day Walk
Sun 1/1 New Year's Day Pajama Brunch
Sun 1/1 New Years Day Hikes
Tue 1/3 $9 3D Movie Night - Passengers
Sat 1/7 Luminaries at Princeton Battle Monument
Sat 1/7 Underworld and Chevy's Afterwards
Sun 1/8 Open Ceramics
Sun 1/8 Egyptian Rebirth Ceremony
Mon 1/9 Introduction to Yoga
Tue 1/10 Free Essential Oils Movie Night
Thu 1/12  Group Voice Lesson
Thu 1/12 Light of Day 2017 Kickoff
Sat 1/14 Bag Sale on all Sheets/Towels/Drapes/Table Linens
Sat 1/14 Eric Aid with Amethyst 80's!!
Sat 1/21 Photography Meetup in Fort Lee
Sat 1/21 Winter Twilight Walk
Sat 1/28 Winterfest
Sat 1/28 The Sugar Hill Gang Live
Fri 2/3 Winter Seal and Waterfowl Walk
Sun 3/5 St Patricks Day Parade
Sat 3/25 The Ultimate Donna Summer Tribute
Sun 4/2 Stevie Nicks
Sat 4/8 Comedy Night in Rahway
5/12-14 NJ Seafood Festival
6/3-4 Keyport Garden Walk
Sun 6/4 Polish Heritage Festival

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30 Hot Spots to Spend NYE

Beaches You Can Drive On

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