Thursday, December 22, 2016

News and Events 12/23/16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! Happy Holidays to everyone else! I am more than happy to be greeted with any celebration that you care about that honors life and love and light! I hope all have some special plans for the weekend. Myself, I am opening the thrift store on sat from 9 am to noon then hanging out a bit with them there at the soup kitchen. In the evening I am cooking a small ham for Jeremy and I and Sunday will do the movie and Chinese buffet event for those who do not have plans, I know many look forward to it. Please tell me how you are spending your weekend...

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Just a reminder I am getting rid of my meetup groups Feb stay in the loop for events be sure to subscribe to this newsletter and or my Facebook group events. I will still host events but only there where it will be free, you must be a member AND my friend on FB to get the invites. Or subscribe to the events. 

PS: Check out the end of this newsletter for NJ Light Shows and Displays

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Upcoming Events:
Fri 12/23 Santa is Coming to Town
Sat 12/24 Thrift Shop @ Saint Marks
Sun 12/25 Movie (Sing) and Chinese Buffet
Tue 12/27 RAGE Fundraiser - Ice Skating
Tue 12/27 $5.50 Movie Night - Why Him?
Sat 12/31 First Night Ocean County
Sat 12/31 Children's New Years Party
Sat 12/31 Simple Groove Rocks New Years
Sat 12/31 New Years Eve at The Old Bay
Sun 1/1 New Year's Day Walk
Sun 1/1 New Year's Day Pajama Brunch
Sun 1/1 New Years Day Hikes
Sat 1/8 Underworld and Chevy's Afterwards
Mon 1/9 Introduction to Yoga
Thu 1/12  Group Voice Lesson
Sat 1/14 Eric Aid with Amethyst 80's!!
Sat 1/21 Photography Meetup in Fort Lee
Sat 1/21 Winter Twilight Walk
Sat 1/28 The Sugar Hill Gang Live
Fri 2/3 Winter Seal and Waterfowl Walk
Sat 3/25 The Ultimate Donna Summer Tribute
Sun 4/2 Stevie Nicks
Sun 6/4 Polish Heritage Festival

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