Saturday, April 19, 2014

Full Moon Ceremony 5-14


Full Moon Ceremony

    • Wednesday, May 14, 2014

      7:30 PM
    • Cassie's House

      PM me for address, Keyport, NJ 

    • May is the full flower moon

      I am going to be doing a Native American full moon ceremony at my house if anyone wants to come. I will have a fire and I will keep it short - like just 1hr or even less... to participate write the date on a piece of paper and a few things you want to bring into your life in the coming cycle and then a few things that you would like to release that no longer serve you, meditate on these intentions and bring them with you. There is no charge for ceremony but donations are welcome in order to balance the exchange of energy if you wish.
       Hope you can make it.... if not feel free to join in spirit!

      With Love and in the Light, Cassie

      RSVP here:

      The Full Moon Fire Ceremony is an ancient one passed down from Incan times to the people living in the Andes.  It is a time for healing, reflection, and gratitude; a time to be able to come to the Fire with your innermost prayers.  Since the Full Moon is such a powerful time in between waxing and waning, it is a time where you can let go of what no longer serves you and you can pray for what you feel would make you more whole and would like to bring into your life.  We pray, release and bring in while knowing that this is what we want. We understand and are open to the reality that it is in the Creator's timing that things happen - not on ours.  Yet, we must meet half way - this is where free will enters and why we chose to stand by the Sacred Fire and pray.  You bring an offering to the Fire that is made from nature that is burnable: a stick, flower, pine cone, etc. Spend some time with the item, and with your intention put into the offering what ever you want to release, heal, or bring into your life.  As we stand by the Fire chanting, drumming, and rattling we are brought closer to the Universal Light Source, or who the Andean people call Wiracocha.