Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stretch and Strengthen Beginners Yoga


Stretch and Strengthen Beginners Yoga

  • Sunday's  RSVP: here

    10:00 AM
  • Middlesex Recreation Department Building

    1200 Mountain Avenue, Middlesex, NJ 
    entrance on side just opposite the library
  • Price: $10.00/per person

    How many of you are like me and always wanted to try Yoga but are overweight, un-flexible, or just plain worried about trying to get your body to move? Well this is a yoga class that you can call your own!
    My friend  Nancy has been teaching for a long time and can help anyone learn yoga move to stretch and strengthen their body. The program works with any body no matter the size, shape or mobility, it's excellent for those who wish to take yoga/stretch for the first time. You will learn using slow, mindful movements and positions that anyone can get into.
    Cost of each class is going to be $10, payable at the door. Please bring a yoga mat and water, also hand weights if you have them

    I do hope many of you who have always wanted to try yoga but were afraid to like me comes and gives it a try!
    Contact Nancy for more information:

    Student comments:
    I am SO happy that I went! I've been battling severe arthritic problems that really limited my life. I'm amazed at the things I did today! I didn't think I'd be able to do half of those things, but Nancy is so encouraging and understanding, I happily tried almost all the positions and had some level of success in all but two of them! Our instructor Nancy makes it easy and fun while still challenging. 

    Happy Stretching!  Love, Cassie