Saturday, January 25, 2014

Events and News 1-26-14

Dear Friend for Friend to be,
So how many inches did you get this week? I can't believe all this snow we been getting after so many years on not so much, then again when I was a kid growing up this was the norm. I don't mind it too much though so long as I don't have to go out in it, which I don't I just work from home...yay. I am starting to get a bit of cabin fever though and this spring is going to be more welcome than most, its that even possible!

Have a great week everyone!  With Love and In the Light,  Cassie

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Upcoming events of interest:

Sun Jan 26th  Beginners Yoga
Sun Jan 26th   Heal Your Heart Workshop
Mon Jan 27th  1/2 Price Pasta Dinner & Karaoke 
Wed Jan 29th Karaoke 
Sat Jan 31st  Sensational Soul Cruisers at Park 33 
Sun Feb 2nd Super Bowl Party Big Shots 
Tue Feb 4th  Feel the Love Empowered Dating Webinar  (free if you register before 1/27)
Wed Feb 5th  Trivia Night at McDonagh's
Thur Feb 6th  Valentine's Dinner and Gift Auction Meet Napoleon Dynamite!
Sun Feb 9th  Meet and Greet Brunch 
Sun Feb 23rd  Harry Houdini Museum Scranton PA
Fri Feb 28th Free Concert--Zoso--Starland Ballroom 
Fri Apr 4th  Tricky Tray for PTA
Sat May 10th  Open House and Air Show McGuire-Ft Dix

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Guitar Lessons
 My name is Justin and I'm a 27 year old guitar instructor. I have 15 years of playing experience, 8 years of being in professional and semi professional bands, and 7 years of teaching experience. During that time, I've had students from ages 5-50s ranging from beginners to intermediate players. If you are looking to learn both proper technique and how to apply that technique in a musical manner, I am your instructor.
For beginning players I offer several services. For those who don't already have their instruments, I offer a free consultation regarding which brand and style to buy. That means that if you commit to buying lessons, I will help you pick out a guitar in any price range to suit your hand size, playing style, and personality. For free. Once you have that guitar or if you already have yours, I also offer a wide variety of repair services such as restringing, a professional setup, and various other modifications should you desire to make any. Once your guitar is all set and ready to play, I'll deliver lessons tailored specifically to you in order to help you achieve whatever goals you have, whether that means playing a few chords with your friends or laying a solid foundation for pursuing a career in music.
For intermediate to advanced players, I offer the same prices on repair/customization services as well as lessons geared to help you learn whatever technique you're having trouble with on your own. I also offer the exact same price as I do to the beginners, and it's still amazingly low. Two hand tapping (1 to 4 fingers), sweep arpeggios, alternate/economy picking, etc.
If you want to be a better guitarist in the world of rock, metal, pop, or blues, I'll be the most affordable instructor you can find with guaranteed results, as long as you practice the minimum amount. I also provide great prices on customization and repair work, from assembling a body kit you bought on eBay to just intonating your guitar.
If you're interested in any services offered or if you have any questions about anything, please contact me at