Thursday, May 18, 2017

News and Events 5-19-17

Dear Friends,

So how was everyone's week? Are you ready for this warmer weather now? I for one an not, I wish it could stay in the 70's all the time. I had a bit of excitement in my yard this week, my friend and I were planting in the garden and a male and female cardinal were coming over chattering up a storm. We thought they were complaining about my cat and wouldn't you know a bit later he had stolen a baby bird!! I smacked him till he dropped it and banished him to the house but the little bird fluttered off and I could not find him to try and get him back in his nest. I felt so bad, did not know I was harboring a kidnapper! LOL Does anyone else's cats do stuff like that?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Ongoing Summer Events:

Upcoming Events
Fri 5/19 Moonlight Madness Sale
Fri 5/19 Yoga Fundraiser
Sun 5/21 Meatball Throwdown! *must join FB group to see details*
Sun 5/21 Ocean Fun Days
Sun 5/21 Disco Divas Benefit for AHS
Mon 6/5 Mermaid Monday
6/8 to 8/19 Free Kayaking
6/9-11 KYC Regatta
Tue 6/13 Happy Together
10/5-8 NY Comic Con
Sat 10/14 Union Beach Day
Sun 10/29 All Hallows Eve

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