Thursday, November 17, 2016

News and Events 11-18-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how was everyone's week? Did you get all your leaves cleaned up yet? Over here mine are still falling, and they are not even MY leaves they are from a neighbors tree! I think whoever owns the tree should have to rake the leaves am I right? Then again I do get to enjoy the shade from that tree all summer... So tell me do your rake or mulch your leaves? I want to know...
*On a sadder note* My father passed away Wednesday evening so I am traveling to Ohio for the services and to clear out his apartment. Please keep my sons and I in your thoughts and prayers...

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

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Upcoming Events:
Fri 11/18 Karaoke @ Elixir
Tue 11/22 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Wed 11/23 Funksgiving Eve @ The Asbury
11/25-27 Hugs for Brady Holiday Light Show
Sat 11/26 Thrift Shop @ Saint Marks
Sat 11/26 Christine and the Band of Love @ Havana's
Sun 11/27 Holiday Craft Vendor Show
Tue 11/29 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Sat 12/3 Beach Grass Planting
Fri 12/9 Ugly Sweater Party
Sat 12/10 Breakfast with Santa
Sat 12/10 Thrift Shop @ Saint Marks
Sat 12/10 Discount Comedy Night in AC
Sat 12/10 Christmas Boutique
Sat 12/10 Asbury Park Santa Run
Sat 12/19 Toys for Tots Christmas Party
Sat 12/17 Seaside Heights Santacon
Sat 12/31 Simple Groove Rocks New Years
Sat 1/8 Underworld and Chevy's Afterwards
Sat 1/28 The Sugar Hill Gang Live

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10 FREE Fun Things to Do in NJ