Thursday, November 10, 2016

News and Events 11-11-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how was everyone's week? Are you as relieved as I am that the elections are over? I was on the edge of my seat, and for the first time ever I stayed up till the President was announced. At one point I went to do an online jigsaw puzzle for a distraction and kept hearing a song my Mom used to sing "Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered"!  I know many of you are not happy with who won but I for sure am, proof to me that God has not turned his back on this country. I truly believe that he is going to be true to his promise to be a president for ALL Americans and I hope those against him will be happy with most, if not all things he is going to do for us....

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

PS: Check out the end of this newsletter for NJ Breweries and Brew Pubs if you want to celebrate or drown your sorrows.

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Upcoming Events:

Fri 11/11 Keyport 1st aid Gift Auction
Sat 11/12 Thrift Shop @ Saint Marks
11/12-13 Beach Walk and Car Show
Sat 11/12 USO Nostalgia Night
Sat 11/12 Alive N Kicking @ The Tamaqua
Sat 11/12 Venison Dinner @ The Elks
Sat 11/12 Roller Derby for Veterans
Sun 11/13 Chocolate Expo
Tue 11/15 $5.50 Movie Night - Hacksaw Ridge
Tue 11/22 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Wed 11/23 Funksgiving Eve @ The Asbury
11/25-27 Hugs for Brady Holiday Light Show
Sat 11/26 Christine and the Band of Love @ Havana's
Tue 11/29 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Sat 12/3 Beach Grass Planting
Fri 12/9 Ugly Sweater Party
Sat 12/10 Breakfast with Santa
Sat 12/10 Thrift Shop @ Saint Marks
Sat 12/10 Discount Comedy Night in AC
Sat 12/10 Christmas Boutique
Sat 12/10 Asbury Park Santa Run
Sat 12/19 Toys for Tots Christmas Party
Sat 12/17 Seaside Heights Santacon
Sat 12/31 Simple Groove Rocks New Years
Sat 1/8 Underworld and Chevy's Afterwards
Sat 1/28 The Sugar Hill Gang Live

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NJ Breweries and Brew Pubs