Friday, December 18, 2015

News and Events 12-18-15

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how was everyone's week? Mine was kinda rough, a dear sweet friend passed away leaving a husband and two daughters. It's sad because her older daughter also lost her father at a very young age, my friend raised her as a single mom till she met and married a friend of mine from my singles groups 12 years ago and they had a daughter together. I also had some problems with my son this week, I so hate when we do not get along. But the good thing this week was my son and I got back on track and went to see Star Wars together....there are many battles in our lives but there are also still heroes...never forget that and may the force be with us all this holiday season....

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

my son and I

PS to read my friends obit see end of the newsletter, also a link if you want to donate to them

Good Articles:
Orgonite Info find out how to protect yourself against chemtrails

Upcoming Events:

Sun 12/20 Winter Solstice Drum Circle
Mon 12/21 Bowling Night
Tue 12/22 $5.50 Movie Night - Sisters
Wed 12/23 Dinner and Karaoke @ MJ's Mattawan 
Thu 12/24  Christmas Eve Open House
Fri 12/25  Movie and Chinese Buffet 
Mon 12/28  Bowling Night
Wed 12/30 Semi-Formal Winter Dance @The Manor Dome
Thu 12/31  New Years Eve Karaoke 
Mon 1/4 Bowling Night 
Now till 1/9 Gift Card Drive 
Sun 1/10 Knights of Columbus Breakfast 
Sun 1/10 Ice Sculpting @ Grounds for Sculpture 
Sun 1/10 Knights of Columbus Breakfast
Thu 1/14  USDA Pantry Day
Sat 1/16  ERIC- AID with Amethyst 80's 
Sat 1/23 Casino Night
Sun 5/29 Keyport Memorial Day Parade
June 4&5 Keyport Garden Walk

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 Send a check made out to "The Trust Fund of Chloe and Madison" and send to John Veronelli at 16 Day Avenue in Middletown, NJ.