Tuesday, April 21, 2015

50+ Connects Special Offer!

Hey peeps!

Well spring has sprung and love is in the Air! And even though some of us may not be spring chickens anymore it doesn't mean we FEEL (or act) like we aren't! Any why should we? Love can blossom at ANY age, but those of us who are older and hopefully wiser have learned the beauty that comes with age, the comfort that comes with connections and the joy of sharing time with someone when we actually do have more time to share now that we have raised our children and retirement is here (or near).
With all this in mind I am pleased to announce that 50+ connects is offering a special to all my peeps of just $5 a month  if you buy 6 @ $30 you will get the 7th month FREE! All you need to do is type in the coupon code CASSIE to get that offer and also $5 off their book if interested. All details are below.

Wishing for everyone to find their love connection!      Love, Cassie

You’ve read about us before on the Single and Looking in New Jersey site. Yes, it’s another relationship site but wait a minute: We're different! In addition, we are giving your N.J./N.Y. group great incentives if you join right now!

How are we different?

Our management team is composed of just 6 people who are all 50+ in age so you won’t be dealing with busy corporate dating-site giants. We work hard to make our site informative, educational and humorous.

Our company relates to you because we are 3 psychologists, 2 comedy writers/actors, and an urban planner. We're all 50+, too. We really understand you and what you want.
(Did we mention the two well-known Hollywood writers/actors on our team? Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna! They provide the humor!)

We know you want to meet suitable dates, companions or travel buddies. Online dating offers more than singles bars and singles dances – it is more comfortable, specific and safe. We specialize in psychological information because that’s what drives good healthy relationships.

And, here's the best part:
  1. For a limited time we are offering an extra month FREE when you sign up for a 6 month subscription: 7 months for the cost of 6 (at $5 per month).
  1. You get a $5 discount on the new Dr. Ed Dreyfus book,  Someone Right for You: 21st Century Strategies for Finding Your Perfect Someone.
Simply use the code word CASSIE when you sign up and you’re good to go.
  1. An extra perk for those of you who are Penn State University Alums: We have a special group section for you. You can engage with fellow Penn State Alums, chat, meet up with them at football games or for a drink at one of your favorite spots in State College. Join together for travel or keep in touch via mail or phone.