Friday, January 30, 2015

News and Events 1-30-15

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how about that blizzard? LOL I know a lot of people are going on about it not being as predicted and bashing the meteorologists and Christe but I for one am not upset, so I got extra milk and bread big deal. I got to work from home Tuesday instead of shlepping up to the office, the theater was closed but they promised me a re-fund, my mail didn't get delivered so I had to watch an extra night of on-demand Netflix instead of the next disc....all in all no biggie. Was YOUR life inconvenienced too much by the weather reports? I'd like to hear about how you handled it.

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

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Deals of the week:
Children's Books $2
sz 8-10 Maternity Clothes $5 each
Barter Site goods/services

Good Articles: 
Life Hacks for those over 50
Is is safe to Eat Moldy bread or Cheese?
Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People
Winter fun at Monmouth county Parks

Upcoming events of interest:
Fri 1/30  Dinner and Karaoke @ Barts
Sat 1/31  Afternoon of Tarot Card Readings 
Sat 1/31 Comedy Fund Raiser on Staten Island 
Sat 1/31 Princeton Dance Party with Tango Instruction 
Sun 2/1 Coffee and Tea Social
Tue 2/3  Teliseminar: Become the Chooser 
Fri 2/6  Super Pet Expo
Fri 2/6  Majickal Healing Circle 
Tue 2/10 Hypnosis and Lunch 
Wed 2/11 Wed Night @ TGIF in Iselin
Thu 2/12 NJ Flower and Garden Show
Thu 2/12 Singles Support Group 
Sat 2/14  Valentine's Day Bayview Drinks, Dinner, Dancing
Sat 2/14 Valentines Dance Party with Cha Cha Instruction
Sun 2/15  Love Doodle Psychic Readings 
Sun 2/15 Ocean Place for Brunch
Sat 2/21 Comedy Night with Susan Golden @ Mara's 
Sat 2/21  Brew Fest in Morristown 
Fri 3/13  Ladie's Paint Night Out
Mon 3/16 Mistakes in Your Online Dating Profile-Free Teliseminar
Wed 3/18 "Quitters Always Win" Book Signing
Thu 3/19  ASK Fundraiser - Casino Night
Sat 4/4  Event Horizon @ Shannon Rose
Sun 5/24  Keyport Memorial Day Parade
Sat 6/27  Train @ PNC

this is a family from back home who needs help, kids all died in a fire when the kerosene heater in their trailer tipped over, they are left with nothing and now have 3 funerals to pay for. please donate and or share the link