Thursday, October 27, 2016

News and Events 10-28-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

Happy Halloween! So who's going to costume parties? Who already has? What did you dress up as? Do you wear the same costume if you go to more than one party or do you wear different ones? I'd love to see a photo of you, you can post in the comment section below. Me I am passing out candy this year and not going to any dress up parties, just don't feel like doing the costume thing. I get that way and then I go back again. LOL I am really looking forward to having grand kids someday and buying or making costumes for them! I wonder if my cat will let me dress him up.....

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

PS: Check out the end of this newsletter for last minute Halloween Adventure ideas!

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Upcoming Events:
10/28-30 Hazlet House of Horrors
Fri 10/28 Robin's Birthday/Halloween Happy Hour
Fri 10/28 Death by Improv Benifit
Sat 10/29 Ghost Walk of Matawan
Sat 10/29 Trunk or Treat
Sat 10/29 Halloween Extravaganza
Sat 10/29 Kathouse Halloween Bash
Sun 10/30 The Glow
Tue 11/1 $5.50 Movie Night - Jack Reacher
Fri 11/4 ZOSO at Starland Ballroom
Sat 11/5 An Enchanted Evening Tricky Tray
Sun 11/6 Sunday Night @ Bahama Breeze
Tue 11/8 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Fri 11/11 Keyport 1st aid Gift Auction
Sat 11/12 Alive N Kicking @ The Tamaqua
Sun 11/13 Chocolate Expo
Tue 11/15 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Tue 11/22 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
11/25-27 Hugs for Brady Holiday Light Show
Tue 11/29 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Sat 12/10 Christmas Boutique
Sat 12/10 Asbury Park Santa Run
Sat 12/19 Toys for Tots Christmas Party
Sat 12/17 Seaside Heights Santacon
Sat 1/28 The Sugar Hill Gang Live

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