Thursday, September 15, 2016

News and Events 9-16-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So who else is loving this little bit cooler weather? Fall is on it's way for sure! One of my favorite things to do in fall is go to the awesome festivals they have, I already went to the NY Ren Fair and I am searching the lists of others to find fun things to do. I feel like I am missing so much of life when I am stuck inside when its really hot out so I make sure to make up for lost time in Sept/Oct. What about you? Going to any fun festivals this fall?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

PS: Check out the end of this newsletter for links to fall festivals.

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Upcoming Events:
Fri 9/16 Harvest Moon Walk
9/16-18 StBenidicts Parish Carnival
9/16-17 NJ Shore Walk - Unbroken Warriors
Sat 9/17 Beach Clean up Sea Bright
Sat 9/17 Wind and Sea Festival
Fri 9/17 The Machine @ Starland Ballroom
Sat 9/17 Late Summer Flea Market
Sat 9/17 Hazlet Day and Parade
Sat 9/17 Drum and Dance at Sandy Hook
9/17-18 Zero Waste Arts Fest
Sun 9/18 Yoga on the Beach
Sun 9/18 Biking and Brunch @ Sandy Hook
Sat 9/18 Bird Walk
Tue 9/20 NYC Feast of San Gennaro
Tue 9/20 $5.50 Movie Night - Snowden
Thu 9/22 Fall Equinox Walk
Fri 9/23 Singles Fire Pit Party
9/23-24 Colts Neck Rock Fest
9/23-25 NJSFF Autum Celebration Stokes State Forest
Sat 9/24 Matawan Day and Food Festival
Sat 9/24 Carnvial for Autism
Sun 9/25 Harvest Home Festival
Sun 9/25 Festifall in Westfield
Tue 9/27 $5.50 Movie Night - TBD
Fri 9/30 Death by Improv
Sep 30-Oct 2  Rock Carnival
Sat 10/1 Keansburg Classic Car Show
Sat 10/1 Zombie Walk Asbury Park
Sun 10/2 Biking and Brunch @ Sandy Hook
Sun 10/2 BBQ and Basket Auction
10/7-10 LBI- Fly
Fri 10/7 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Fri 10/7 Wine and Paint Night
Sat 10/8 Seaside Off Road and Truck Show
Sat 10/8 South River Renaissance Fair
Sun 10/9 Belmar Octoberfest
Sun 10/9 Jersey Shore Guitar Show
Sat 10/15 St Joseph's Craft Fair and Flea Market
Sat 10/15 Long Branch Light the Night
Sat 10/15 Princeton Light the Night
Sat 10/15 Diner Night
Sat 10/15 Atlantic Highlands Zombie Walk
Sat 10/15 Pier Fest
Sun 10/16 Biking and Brunch at Sandy Hook
Sat 10/22 Strauss Mansion Ghost Tours
Sat 10/22 Fall Festival
Sun 10/23 Food Truck Takeover'
Sat 10/29 Simple Groove Halloween Spooktacular
Sun 10/29 Ghost Walk of Matawan
Sun 10/30 Biking and Brunch at Sandy Hook
Fri 11/4 ZOSO at Starland Ballroom
Fri 11/11 Keyport 1st aid Gift Auction
Sat 12/17 Seaside Heights Santacon

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