Thursday, July 21, 2016

News and Events 7-22-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how has everyone's week been? I have been in a bit of a slump myself, I think its mostly due to the high heat/humidity that keeps me inside in the AC instead of being able to be outside. It effects my breathing too which gives me some anxiety. I miss the Ohio summers, not too hot and the creek was always cool.. Oh well I just need to find some indoor things to do that are fun in the summer. Any suggestions?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

PS  check out the end of this newsletter for NJ's best lakes, reservoirs and swimming holes

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Upcoming Events:
Sat 7/23 Delaware River Tubing
Sat 7/23 Free Dog and Cat Adoption
Sat 7/23 Cafe Improv Variety Show
Sat 7/23 Asbury Park Blue's and Brews Festival
Sat 7/23 Sourland Music Festival
Sat 7/23 Ducky Derby @ Allaire
Tue 7/26 Ice Age, Collision Course
Thu 7/28 Keyport Summer Concert
7/27-29 Monmouth County Fair
July 29-31  Balloon Festival
Fre 7/29 Pokeemon Night @ waterfront
Sat 7/30 Bayonne Renaissance Festival
Sat 7/30 Harry Potter Release Party
Sat 7/30 Roar to the Shore Car Cruise
Sun 7/31 Festival of Balloning w/Steppenwolf & FogHat
Thr 8/4 Gypsy, a Stevie Nicks Experience Middlesex Fair
Thu 8/4 Keyport Summer Concert
8/4-7 Clam Festival- Highlands
Sat 8/6  Hands of Change Picnic
Sat 8/13 Salt Water Day
Sat 8/13 Atlantic City Comedy Club Night
Thu 8/18 Keyport Summer Concert
8/20, 21 Full Moon Music Festiaval - Governers Island
Thu 8/25 Keyport Summer Concert
Sat 8/27 Surf Music Festival
Sat 8/27 Asbury Park Promenade of Mermaids
Sat 8/27 Cafe Improv Variety Show
Sat 8/27 Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Festival
Thu 9/1 Keyport Summer Concert
Sat 9/17 Late Summer Flea Market
Sat 12/17 Seaside Heights Santacon

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