Wednesday, March 23, 2016

News and Events 3-25-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

Well friends I am sending this one a day early because I am going  to Ohio for Easter to visit my Dad. I hope that you all have some lovely plans for the weekend and I am sorry to those of you who wanted  to come  to my house for Easter dinner. I promise to make it up to you sometime soon. . I just feel its important to spend time with family on holidays as much as possible. Robin is hosting something in Rozman's group so check that out if you need something to do. Please tell me what you plan to do with your holiday weekend??

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

Good Articles:
The Blindness of Crowds

Upcoming Events: 

Mar 25-27 Casino Pier Easter Sale
Sat 3/26 Cafe Improv Variety Show
Sat 4/2 Breakfast @ MeeMom's
Sat 4/2 Dance Party in Princeton w/Hustle Instruction
Sat 4/2  $5 Comedy @ The Taj Mahal
Wed 4/6 Happy Hour @ Houlihans
Sat 4/9  Made in Monmouth
Sat 4/9  Made in Monmouth Show and Sale
Sun 4/10 Knights of Columbus Breakfast
Sun  4/10 Kites at the Pier
Sun 4/10 Schnitzelfest!
Sat 4/16 The Drivers
Tue 4/19 Teleseminar: Decoding "Friends w/Benefits"
April 23, 2016 Hazlet's town wide garage sale save the date.
Fri 4/22 BYOB Painting Party
Sat4/23 Arts & Crafts Spring Fling
Sun 4/24 BBQ @ Sandy Hook *
4/25-25 Easter Bonnet Competition
4/29 Late Night Drinks 
April 29- May 1st NJ Sacred Friends Beltane Celebration*
Sat 4/30 Perennial Plant Swap 
Sat 4/30 Beach Sweeps
Sat 5/7 Asbury Park Spring Bazzar
Sat 5/7  Beach Drumming at Sandy Hook
May 28/29/20 Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival
Sat 4/4 Keyport Garden Walk and Lunch
June 4&5 Keyport Garden Walk*
6/9,16,23,30, 7/21, 8/4 Free Kayaking in Keyport
Sat 6/11 Keyport Townwide Garage Sale
Sat 6/18  Ocean Grove Craft Show
7/7, 21, 8/4,18 Keyport Thusdays
Fri 7/8 Tusk Concert Seaside Heights*
Sat 7/9 Belmar Movies on the Beach
7/9 - 8/28 Belmar Movies on the Beach
Sun 7/10 Gypsy Live @ NJ State Fair
Wed 7/13 Sandcastle Contest
July 29-31  Balloon Festival
Sat 8/27 Surf Music Festival
Sat 9/17 Late Summer Flea Market

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1) Genetic
2) Stage or Plateau which is when you get older and gain, then gain more a few years later
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