Thursday, February 25, 2016

News and Events 2-26-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how was your week? That rain did a number on my joints this week but other than that I am good. How about you? I can't believe that Feb is nearly over can you? But this is a leap year so we get an extra day and not only that but tradition says that women can propose to a man on this day! So look out guys! Are there any of you out there who wish a woman would at least ask you out?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

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Solar Eclipse and  New Moon Info

Upcoming Events:  
Fri 2/26 Playing Euchre
Fri 2/26  Shots @ Big Shots
Sat 2/27 Cafe Improv Variety Show
Sat 2/27 Snowflake Ball
Mon 2/29  Bowling
Tue 3/1 $5.50 Movie Night - Eddie the Eagle
Wed 3/2 Dinner and Karaoke
Fri 3/4 Playing Euchre
Sat 3/5 $5 Comedy Night at The Taj Mahal
Sun 3/6  Schlactfest!!
Sun 3/6 Casino Pier Summer Job Fair
Sun 3/6 Belmar St Patrick's Day Parade
Sun 3/10 Keansburg Easter Egg Hunt 
 Fri 3/11 The Manor-Dance Party w/Instruction
Sat 3/12 Root to Rise in Asbury Park
Sat 3/12  Keyport St Patricks Day Parade
Sun 3/13 Breakfast at Knights of Columbus
Sun 3/13 Woodbridge St Patricks Day Parade 
Sun 3/13  Belmar Restaurant Tour
Sun 3/13 Freehold St Patrick's Day Parade
Fri 3/18 Comedy Night @ Red Oak  *
Sat 3/19 Egg Hunt Matawan
Sat 3/19 Beers on The Boards
Sun 3/20 Jenkinson's Egg Hunt
Mar 25-27 Casino Pier Easter Sale
Sat 4/9  Made in Monmouth
Sun 4/10 Knights of Columbus Breakfast
Sun 4/24 BBQ @ Sandy Hook *
April 29- May 1st NJ Sacred Friends Beltane Celebration*
Sat 5/6 Asbury Park Spring Bazzar
May 28/29/20 Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival
June 4&5 Keyport Garden Walk*
6/9,16,23,30, 7/21, 8/4 Free Kayaking in Keyport
7/7, 21, 8/4,18 Keyport Thusdays
Fri 7/8 Tusk Concert Seaside Heights*
Sun 7/10 Gypsy Live @ NJ State Fair
July 29-31  Balloon Festival
Sat 8/27 Surf Music Festival

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