Thursday, January 14, 2016

News and Events 1-15-16

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how was everyone's week? Mine was good, totally getting into the swing of things at the new job and my sinus/cold issues were much better this week. I have an office dilemma though, everyone is going out to eat for lunch on Friday and the company pays but they selected an Indian food place and I can not eat that as I can't handle the spicy food (probably would clear up my sinuses though LOL). I wouldn't mind not going but they are all wanting me to go....what would you do?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

PS Check out the list of Nerdy in NJ events coming up

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Upcoming Events:

Sat 1/16  ERIC- AID with Amethyst 80's 
Sat 1/16 Mission Dance Party
Mon 1/18 Bowling Night 
Tue 1/19 $10 Dinner and $5.50 Movie Night - The Forest
1/19 to 2/5 1/2 price Broadway Ticket Sale
Wed 1/20 Dinner and Karaoke
Fri 1/22 Playing Eucher
Fri 1/22  Shots @ Big Shots 
Sat 1/23 Casino Night 
Mon 1/25 Bowling Night
Wed 1/27 Dinner and Karaoke
Fri 1/29 Group Reiki Session
Sat 1/30 Imbolic Ritual
Sun 2/14 Knights of Columbus Breakfast
Sun 2/14 Afternoon of Tarot Card Readings
Fri 2/26  Shots @ Big Shots
Sun 3/13 Woodbridge St Patricks Day Parade 
Fri 3/18 Comedy Night @ Red Oak 
Sat 3/19 Beers on The Boards
Sun 5/29 Keyport Memorial Day Parade
June 4&5 Keyport Garden Walk

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