Friday, July 17, 2015

News and Events 7-17-15

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

So how was everyone's week? What ya got going on for the weekend? Now that summer is in full swing its time for me to figure out where I am going to buy my annual lobster tail dinner. I have a limited budget but I only will order the lobster tails because getting a whole one with all those insides just isn't for me, ick! So due to high prices I only get this once a year. I had a friend once who would always order a whole one and eat all the insides too. I was about to think she was going to eat the whole thing like in Splash! LOL Anyone else out there do that?

With Love and in the Light, Cassie

PS check out the outdoor movie schedule below

Good Articles:
Addiction is not a Disease 
Industrial Uses for Coke 
Mind Blowing Uses for Lemon

Charity of the week:
*I need suggestions*

Upcoming Events:
Sat 7/18 Princeton Dance Party w/Hustle Instruction
Sat 7/18 Asatru Pub Moot
Mon 7/20 Teliseminar: What to Say and Not say on a 1st Date
Tue 7/21 $5.50 movie $10 dinner Trainwreck
 Thur 7/23 Keyport Summer Concert
Sat 7/25 Def Leppard and Styx @ PNC
Sat 7/25 I Love the 80's Party 
7-25-26 Belmar Pirate Pub Crawl
Thu 7/30 Keyport Summer Concert
Fri 7/31  Group Reiki Session  
Fri 7/31  Full Moon Beach Camping 
Sat 8/1 Hands of Change Picnic 
Thu 8/6 Keyport Summer Concert
Fri 8/7 to Sun 8/9  Sports Fun and Adventure Weekend at Club Getaway
Wed 8/12 Group Reiki Session
Thur 8/13 Keyport Summer Concert 
Fri 8/21 Party and Dance at Battleground Country Club
Fri 8/28  Group Reiki Session 
Sat 8/29  Full Moon Beach Camping 
Sat 9/5 Labor Day Weekend BBQ 
Wed 9/9 Group Reiki
Sep 19-20 Feast of San Gennaro - Belmar
Fri 9/25 Group Reiki
Sat 11/14 Peking Dreams at State Theater

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Great news!!!     
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