Saturday, July 19, 2014

News and Events 7-20-14

Dear Friend or Friend to be,

Well this week has been a bit more peaceful in my life and I am glad for that. I really am more of an introvert than people realize and not only love but NEED lots of quiet alone time. Not that I don't adore my friends though as they add so much richness to my life. But do so love my downtime! What about you do you like a lot of alone time or do you go out and seek companionship and entertainment most nights?

With Love and In the Light,  Cassie

PS:  I am looking for a tarot card reader who needs more business and wants to work with me in my space here in Keyport and with my people who are interested in readings. If that's you send me an e-mail and we can discuss

Deal of the week:
Range and or Dishwasher best offer

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Upcoming events of interest:
Fri Jul 25th  Singles Dance with Salsa Instruction - West Orange 
Fri Jul 25th  Undisputed at Moores
Sat Jul 26th  SoulSational Music Festival 
Sat Aug 2nd  Walking and Talking Laurence Harbour
Sat Aug 2nd  Keyport Fireman's Fair and Fireworks
Tue Aug 5th   Empowered Dating Monthly Teleseminar!
Wed Aug 6th  Create Your Happily Ever After Singles Circle 
Sat Aug 9th  Full Moon Ceremony

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